Cell Phone Radiation Problem Not Going Away

Cell Phone Radiation Problem Not Going Away

Recently, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a resolution requiring mobile phone retailers to post information at the point of sale about how much radiation level will be emitted by the cell phone units. This information is already available somewhere inside the user manual, which the truth is also said in terms and conditions to maintain the telephone away no less than one inch away from your body always while it’s on. But the law necessitates that the data in regards to the SAR value (the measure of radiation level) ought to be displayed more openly before the consumer helps to make the purchase. This caused a good stir, as well as the cellular phone industry, filed a suit from the city. But as a town right in making their decision? What does science ought to say?

An example is a new study published online inside the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. The research links cellular phone radiation exposure within the womb and after birth to your the upper chances of behavioral problems through the child’s seventh birthday. Over 28,000 seven-year-olds and their mothers participated in the Danish study as well as the findings were significant. Those exposed both before and after birth to mobile phones had a fifty percent more chance of displaying behavior issues. Children who have been exposed only while within the womb, however, not after birth stood a 40 % greater potential for displaying behavioral issues. Lastly, people who weren’t exposed before birth but …

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Successful Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Become Internet Savvy

Successful Affiliate Marketing: The Best Way To Become Internet Savvy

In this article I want to talk about what you’ll need to get from technology to make your business a real success.

In the online world, your computer is obviously your most important piece of equipment.

It links you to the merchants whose products you’ll sell, to the advertising channels you’ll utilize, and to the customers who’ll see the ads and buy the merchant’s products – thus making money for you.

Computer Literacy

If your computer skills are limited to sending and receiving email, you have some catching up to do.

There’s one thing we can promise you that will never change about computer technology — it will ALWAYS CHANGE.

Computers have come a long way since 1944 when the Mark I (IBM ASCC) was completed. It was a relay-based computer and bore almost no resemblance to the technologically advanced personal computer you’re using right now.

Do you panic when there’s a problem on your computer? Then you’ll need to build up your confidence, and your tech-savvy, before you start a business that depends on that computer!

We’re not saying that you need to understand the inner workings of your computer. You don’t. But you do need to learn how to use your computer and your software to its fullest potential.

If you don’t know what all of those buttons on your keyboard are for, make it your business to find out.

Embracing Technology

The Internet is your marketplace. So you need to become 100 percent comfortable with today’s Internet …

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How To Ensure That A Server Hosting Database Is Secure

How To Ensure That A Server Hosting Database Is Secure

The developments made so far in information technology has increased the rate of internet crimes which may target crucial information stored in server hosting databases. Organizations and business have confidential information in their databases which may lead to losses if illegally accessed.

It is therefore, important to ensure that the database is secure. The security measures should focus on prevention of attacks, detection and immediate response to any insecurity incidents.

The first entry point that is a threat to stored data is the physical access of a server by unauthorized persons. It is important to ensure that security measures are put in place to deter attackers from gaining access to the server. Door locks, employee identification techniques and surveillance systems can be installed to ensure that access to the server is strictly a reserve of authorized employees. This way, an organization ensures that even when an attack occurs, it is only external thus, less damage is done.

The use of a firewall is effective in reducing the amount of traffic through the database host. The database can be used by malicious individuals to access the host. Firewalls block viruses and any foreign plug-ins that may be used to access the host. Most server systems come with pre-installed firewalls which are installed as part of the system. These firewalls are easy to configure since they are adapted to the particular system.

Round the clock monitoring of the network will ensure timely detection and prevention of possible attacks. Computer personnel can manually …

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Resume Strategies For the IT Practitioner

Techno-speak began with one word: computer. Now it is a language unto its own, with multiple operating systems, countless software and databases, web environments and programming languages. And new acronyms spring up daily it seems (CAD, CICS, DB2, LAN, MSCE, SQL), adding to the growing techno-speak dictionary. What is the best resume strategy for the I.T. practitioner to employ? Will Human Resources “get it” if the resume reads like a mini techno-speak dictionary?

Speak the Language

Of course you need to include techno-speak to sufficiently establish your I.T. credentials. Achieve this by creating a Technical Skills summary on the first page, or creating an addendum of technical skills if you have accumulated a vast amount of expertise. Alternatively, write a bullet or two under each position that list the technical skills you used to design, solve, test or implement. But, and this is crucial, your resume cannot consist only of techno-speak as human resources folk are not reliably conversant in this language.

Remember the Bottom Line

No employer is solely interested in what languages you know, or what software you have worked with. What is far more compelling is in knowing what your knowledge and skill has meant to past employers’ bottom lines. How have you impacted savings and earnings in service delivery, product enhancements, and debugging solutions?

If you speak only I.T. lingo, without linking it to profit, you aren’t considering what motivates your reader. Tie what you did to business, to profits, to the industry in …

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Top 3 Tech Considerations for Small Businesses Today

For small businesses today, it’s always good common practice to keep an eye out for any new advances in technology. While this may sound tedious, especially with the rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve, investing the time and resources required to be on the cutting edge of innovative tech can boost the productivity, by acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones. It can also help keep the business safe by adding extra layers of security that can fend off potential cyber-attacks or intrusions too.

Here are a few tech considerations that small businesses owners should think about in today’s digital age.

1. Refresh both software and hardware

Many small business owners tend to consider updates to software and hardware as a luxury, however, it’s more of a necessity today than it ever has been. If you feel that a refresh is long overdue, it is well-worth the investment since it will guarantee an increase in the productivity of the business, and the budget allocated towards it can be controlled and won’t break the bank. You’ll be surprised at how cost-effective it can be to procure a tech platform like an OTA channel manager for your hotel or B&B  or acquire new devices to streamline your restaurant business.

2. Invest in cyber security measures

Compared to larger corporations, smaller businesses are often ill-equipped to deal with cyber attacks, not only because of the misconception that the investment required is too expensive on  a modest budget but also because they …

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