{"id":41,"count":12,"description":"Plagiarism means using someone else\u2019s work without giving them proper credit. In academic writing, plagiarizing involves using words, ideas, or information from a source without citing it correctly. In practice, this can mean a few different things.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
Examples of plagiarism<\/strong><\/td>\r\nWhy is it wrong?<\/strong><\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Copying parts of a text word for word, without quotation marks<\/td>\r\nIt makes it seem like these are your own words.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Paraphrasing a text by changing a few words or altering the sentence structure, without citing the source<\/td>\r\nIt makes it seem like you came up with the idea, when in fact you just rephrased someone else\u2019s idea.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Giving incorrect information about a source<\/td>\r\nIf readers can\u2019t find the cited source, they can\u2019t check the information themselves.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Quoting so much from a source that it makes up the majority of your text<\/td>\r\nEven with proper citations, you\u2019re not making an original contribution if you rely so much on someone else\u2019s words.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Reusing work you\u2019ve submitted for a previous assignment, without citing yourself<\/td>\r\nEven though it\u2019s your own work, the reader should be informed that it\u2019s not completely new but comes from previous research.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n
Submitting a text written entirely by someone else (e.g., a paper you bought from a ghostwriter)<\/td>\r\nNot doing the work yourself is academically dishonest, undermines your learning, and is unfair to other students.<\/td>\r\n<\/tr>\r\n<\/tbody>\r\n<\/table>\r\n\r\n

Common questions about plagiarism<\/h2>\r\nIt\u2019s easy to understand why you shouldn\u2019t buy essays, but students often struggle with the details of quoting<\/a>, paraphrasing<\/a>, and citing sources<\/a>. Below, we address some questions and misconceptions students often have about plagiarism.\r\n

I need to quote and paraphrase a lot. Won\u2019t my paper be full of distracting citations?<\/h3>\r\nIt\u2019s true that some papers do feature a lot of citations. There are ways to reduce clutter by citing more efficiently, such as:\r\n